id type description sentence
3 pd-drop discourse shift And after that shops we went
4 p-drop discourse shift And after that the shops we went
7 DAR traditional dialect Are you heading t’pub later?
9 pd-drop modified np (with pp) Can we go park with the fountain?
20 p-drop no determiner He won’t be coming - he’s flying Germany tomorrow
34 p-drop manner of motion I like the way he meandered his way the office, not a care in the world
36 pd-drop unmodified I’m going shop first thing tomoz do you want anything
38 DAR traditional dialect I’m not sure, I think they followed river back
41 p-drop intervening pp I’m pretty sure he went with them the bar but he never called…
47 p-drop intervening pp I think he said he would take them both the zoo after work
48 p-drop discourse shift I thought she said it’s Chester they’re moving?
57 p-drop discourse shift Isn’t it the cinema they’re going, not the pub?
64 p-drop manner of motion Joe plodded the pub after work to watch the game
65 p-drop modified np (with pp) Last night we went the pub with the big sports screen
67 p-drop manner of motion Maggie’s just taking her time, ambling the shop after work
71 p-drop modified verb No questions asked, they went straight the pub after that.
79 pd-drop manner of motion She was so happy she virtually cartwheeled shop
86 p-drop nominalised The cupboards are bare - an errand the shops is called for!
87 no-drop discourse shift The game was on so to the pub we came
88 p-drop modified verb The guys headed directly the office, so they said..
91 pd-drop intervening pp They said they were coming with us cinema but didn’t show up in the end