id sentence
8 Better make sure we wipe us feet eh?
13 Did you see his car? It seriously needs cleaned
17 He had to move so as the guy could see the game
21 I am so going out tonight
22 I asked him to text me when he were next out
25 I don’t have any, but I might could get you some
26 I don’t have any, do you got any spare
27 I don’t know, we ain’t seen him
28 I don’t want nothing to do with that
29 I had such great time, you should have went!
30 I hates it when they do that
31 I have came a long way from where I was
32 I haven’t got only one of those left
33 I haven’t never really found a place that i called home
35 I’ll not be going this year hopefully
43 I noticed your pic of Trevor. He’s class him
49 I thought they was just making another film
50 I’ve not done that yet, you just need to stay away from unicycles
52 I won’t never want any of that
56 Is thon some London joint?
60 It’s such a long way innit though
62 It was spitting of rain outside
66 Let’s meet up when I’m done my work,
68 Man’s got new shoes
72 Oh my god that guy needs punched
78 She was driving way too quick
81 Stop! clearly it in’t working
82 That guy really hasn’t a clue, to be honest
84 That was not a foul, clearly he dove
92 They seemed disapointed that I wasn’t there, might should I have gone?
94 Thought I lost my keys because they wasn’t in my bag
100 Tom used to play against some of my teams when he were younger
101 Too late. I’m off on holiday, me
103 We’ll have us a great time
104 We was laughing so much
108 Where’s my pen? ah here it’s
109 Worship the queen and you might could pass
112 You’ve got to love them boots