id type theme goal sentence
5 passive dp dp And then she asked me, who was the laptop given by Sophie?
37 theme passive dp p I’m not certain but I think that the voucher was sent him
51 theme passive dp dp I was just wondering, who was the card given John by?
55 theme passive dp p In any case, who was the car given her by?
59 passive dp p It’s been bugging me, who was the book given to?
61 passive p p It was clear that she was given it
69 passive dp dp My dad was asking, who was the ticket given to John by?
70 passive dp p My friend wanted to know, who was the ticket given to her by?
83 passive dp p That guy was asking, who was the book given?
89 passive dp p There’s no doubt that he was sent the book.
90 theme passive p p They mentioned that it was given her
93 passive dp dp They were saying that the letter was sent Mark.
105 passive dp p We were talking about it, who was the cat given to by Karen?