id type theme goal sentence
6 gtd dp dp Apparently he sent the office the proposal yesterday
11 tgd p p Cute cat! Yes, my dad gave her me
12 pdat p p Cute hamster! …. Yes, my dad gave her to me
15 gtd p p Great dog! …. Thanks, my brother gave me him
19 gtd p p He’s my only son, I will give him it all
24 tgd dp dp I didn’t know that he gave the letter the bank on friday
39 gtd p p I’m not sure why I’m listening to the Beach Boys album, John lent me it
40 tgd dp p I’m on my way, didn’t Mark lend the drill them already?
44 gtd dp p I offered them the ticket yesterday
45 gtd p dp I should have told you, he lent the guy it afterall
46 tgd p dp I should tell you, we gave it the girl already
53 tgd p p If he guessed my bank balance I was going to give it him all
54 pdat p p If he wins, they are going to give it all to him
58 tgd p p It’s a scanner/Printer thing. Someone gave it me
107 tgd p p When they die they will give it all him